At this year’s annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e.V. (, which will take place online from 22-24 September 2021 at the Humbold University of Berlin, at the Department of Agricultural Economics, BIOKUM will also be present with two poster presentations. In the context of the conference, which this year will focus on “Transformation processes in the agricultural and food system: challenges for economics and social sciences”, both Jonathan Friedrich and Ingrid Bunker will present parts of their research. Under the working title “CONTESTING BIOECONOMIC IMAGINATIONS OF “MANURE FUTURES”: PRESERVATION, MODERNIZATION, AND TRANSFORMATION,” Jonathan Friedrich presents conflicting imaginations of “manure futures” and how these lead to barriers and conflicts for a transformation toward a sustainable livestock system that must be moderated as drivers for change. With the working title of “SOCIETAL ACCEPTABILITY OF USING INSECTS FOR MANURE VALORISATION AND ANIMAL FEED IN THE CONTEXT OF A SUSTAINABILITY-ORIENTED BIOECONOMY” Ingrid Bunker focuses on one specific manure-related bioeconomic innovation, using this example to investigate the attitudes and value-based arguments of various actors towards this idea, and to what extent this innovation may be seen as a viable solution to challenges facing livestock farming. In looking for solutions to the challenges facing the agricultural and food system today, transformation plays a key role. In addition to contributing to this research, the BIOKUM junior research group will be able to gain insight into further research in this field at the GEWISOLA conference.